Welcome to East Bay Magic where we connect magic to magicians and magicians to audiences.  

For close to 30 years we have been involved with the world of magic in some way, shape, or form and bring that experience and expertise to both magicians and audience members.

Connecting Magic to Magicians: When Magic shows, lectures and Events come to the Bay Area we want to make sure that all magicians, not just those active on Facebook have a place to learn about what is happening.  Under For magicians performers can discover what is being offered in the area as well as connecting budding performers with local resources. This can range from magic clubs, magic shops, lectures, traveling shows etc.

Connecting Magicians to Audiences: The Bay Area is lucky to be home to a robust community of magicians - The magicians listed here are performers that East Bay Magic has personally seen, know and or have worked with. Just because a magician isn't listed here doesn't mean that they are not a good performer - it just means we don't know them... yet.  

If you have any questions or comments, have a magic related event coming up or would like to introduce yourself as a local magician please send us an email today.  

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